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Retrospective Thoughts on Endodontic Instrumentation
Barry Lee Musikant, D.M.D., F.A.S.D.A.
Barry Musikant

Barry Musikant

OVER THE COURSE OF a nice peaceful Christmas day, I’ve had time to put things into perspective. Much research has been posted supporting the use of rotary NiTi and non-linear reciprocating NiTi in the creation of non-distorted shaping. Without question, it works. The same is true for K-files. They work too. Yet, the question is not whether or not something works. If that were the question, we would still be using K-files made of carbon steel the way endo was done more than 100 years ago simply because it worked.

Discoloration: Prevention and Correction
Sara Kim, D.M.D.
Sara Kim

Sara Kim

W HEN DOING ROOT CANAL treatments on anterior teeth, especially pulpotomies and pulpectomies, make sure that you do not leave any blood or a bloody cotton pellet inside the chamber. If the tooth is hyperemic, try to control it as quickly as possible. If you do not, this will often stain the tooth, and the patient will be unhappy to see the drastic discoloration that can happen overnight.

Mandibular Third Mesial Canal, a Case Report
Kian Daghighi, D.D.S.
Sara Kim

Kian Daghighi


CCORDING TO the literature, the incidence of a third mesial canal is four to twelve percent. Left untreated, mid-mesial canals could cause failure of root canal therapy. Knowledge of the anatomy of the root canal system, use of CBCT scans, and use of a surgical operating microscope will help in treatment of a mid-mesial canal.

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MTA: The Wonder Material
Amy Dukoff, D.M.D.
Amy Dukoff
Amy Dukoff


MINERAL trioxide aggregate, abbreviated MTA, has its origins in Portland cement, a basic ingredient of concrete, stucco, and grout. It is well known for its excellent sealing ability. It useful as an apical plug for immature or open apices and in pulp-capping. It has been enormously successful in sealing internally in the pulp chamber and along the root canal wall. As a barrier seal, it has proven its outstanding ability to prevent microleakage. Its usefulness in clinical practice spans from apexogenesis to sealing perforations..

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Tales from the Chamber
Pulp Fiction

Doug Kase, D.D.S.
Doug Kase

Doug Kase


s the title of my article denotes, some common knee-jerk decisions that a clinician may make because they seem to promise the fast, easy way to handle an endodontic failure are sometimes not the real solution. I am not necessarily referring to an extraction, although that might be the most predictable attempt at a solution, one that in turn has probably the more involved post-operative treatment, such as an implant or bridge.


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Endo-Mail October-December 2013


Instructions for Performing EZ-Fill® SafeSiders® Endodontics


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