• May 2016 •

From the Endodontic Offices of Musikant, Kase, Dukoff, Kim & Daghighi

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Manhattan Implant Study Group

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Dr. Spyridon J Condos

Controversies in Implant Dentistry.

  • Short vs long implants.
  • Screw vs cement retained restorations
  • To probe or not to probe an implant
  • Guided or Non guided surgeries
  • And lot more

Happy Valentine's Day Toast!

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Amy Dukoff, D.M.D.
Drs. Musikant, Kase, Dukoff, Kim, Deca, Matt
invite you to join them for

Valentine's Day Party!

for Cocktails & Dinner
Thursday, February 18th
from 6 PM until 9PM
119 West 57th Street, Suite 700
RSVP: Endomail119@gmail.com

A Quick Look Into a Probable Future

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Doug Kase, D.D.S.
I am truly hoping that by the time my loyal readers are eagerly perusing this edition of ENDOMAIL, we will all be thinking of how frigidly cold we were over the past few months as a severely unpleasant memory and looking forward to warmer and longer days - although, again truthfully, I think the snow won't melt till June.(Continued)

Evolutionary Endodontics: Two Pathways, Different Outcomes - CE Credit

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Barry L. Musikant, D.M.D., F.A.C.D.
Evolution applies to both life and innovation. In endodontics, productive innovation leads to a better quality of life, at least orally speaking. Evolution is all about competition, with the winners being those that best adapt to a changing environment. In the practice of endodontics, we have competing systems that at times cross paths, but start from different premises.(Continued)

Irrigation is King

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Doug Kase, D.D.S.
In endodontics as with many other things in life there are no shortcuts. Everything that leads to a successful outcome when doing root canal is dependent upon the preceding steps when initiating treatment. Obviously proper diagnosis is first. To avoid the dentolegal stuff; communication, alternatives, documentation and consent are paramount as well! Cutting to the nitty gritty, when doing root canal if you don't have proper irrigation, the treatment will probably not fall into the success rate of standard endodontics. (Continued)

Bye Bye 2015

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Doug Kase, D.D.S.
A welcome back to all our friends,
To my holiday poem that never ends.
A year of news, some good some rough,
Rhyming it all could be a little tough.

The Business of Online Reviews

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Amy Dukoff, D.M.D.
As dental professionals, we are first and foremost doctors, providing necessary medical treatment to our patients with the utmost skill and care. But we are also business men and women who need to protect the good name and public image of our practices in order to provide that care. In this modern age, the internet can be both a tool for self-promotion and an agent of misinformation and slander. (Continued)

Lower Molar With Severely Curved Mesial Root Canal System

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Kian Daghighi, D.D.S.
Instrumenting a curved root canal system often becomes challenging. Here are few tips to help with predictable and effective instrumentation of a curved root canal.(Continued)

Mandibular Incisors

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Sara Kim, D.M.D.
In the past, I have spoken about the anatomy of posterior teeth but I want now to talk about mandibular incisors. A patient walks into your office and you determine that he or she needs root canal treatment on a mandibular incisor. You may think “Piece of cake!” after looking at the radiograph, which appears to have a single narrow canal. Yes, you are correct that mandibular incisors usually (97-98%) have a single canal but these single canals tend to be wide labiolingually.(Continued)