A Huge Farewell to 2017

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A Huge Farewell to 2017

By Doug Kase

It’s that’s time of year once again for my holiday poem
2017 has been quite ride that makes us all moan.
Who was to know, who could possibly warn
Of the impending mess and hurricane strength shitstorm.

I left off at the last election and much to our surprise
The electoral college stepped in and certified our political demise.
Maybe it’s time the popular vote gives the election conclusion.
That determines the win, not the Russian hack and their alleged collusion.

A farewell to President Obama with a tear in our eye
Make America great again? Said with a sigh.
The first 100 days were supposed to be stupendous
Trumpsters accomplished nothing,
Now ain’t that tremendous.

The cast of characters was chosen, like a bad play with many acts
Kellyanne stood before the camera and presented her alternative facts!!
Executive orders were signed at cabinet meetings.
And who needs to be reminded of Trumps crazy tweetings!!

Then Sean Spicer said things that really did amuse.
Of issues of crowd size portrayed by fake news.
And as the chief strategist Steve Bannon got hired
James Comey didn’t realize he really got fired.

Now Alec Baldwin as Trump does a great imitation.
While North Korea escalates to cause intimidation.
For Kim Jung Un we want a nuclear ban
A pair made in heaven , President Trump and The Rocketman.

Then gone Spicer, gone Previs, gone Scaramucci, and even gone Bannon
His advisors were dropping like they were shot with a cannon.
As the White House was becoming a political nightmare
They voted 3 times and couldn’t even replace Obamacare.

The weather was getting snowy and cold
“There’s no such thing as climate change”was getting pretty old.
But how can we deny the effects of global warming
3 major Hurricanes in a row, which is some major storming.

Missiles and bomb tests North Korea clearly escalated.
Most of Trumps tweets made his generals very frustrated.
Meanwhile in Charlottesville a protester had died.
But remember to stay calm cause there are fine people on each side!

In Europe there were a couple of terror attacks
In Vegas a mass shooting the most horrendous of acts.
A Russian meeting in Trump Tower under investigation
And big earthquakes in Mexico Mother Nature’s natural vibration.

And of course there are people who we now should remember
There’s Monte Hall, Jerry Lewis and even Hugh Hefner in September.
Tom Petty and Gregg Allman boy could they sing
Don Rickles, Roger Moore and George Romero the zombie king.

In California a firestorm was burning.
Muellers investigation moving forward we were learning.
Trump’s ratings kept dropping in the political pole
And we found out he could toss a mean paper towel roll.

Then out of Hollywood came some wild allegations
Seems Harvey Weinstein was forcing sexual relations.
Lost his job and company like an occupational stabbing
But, it didn’t happen to Trump for something he was grabbing.

There’s the Equifax hack, in the news Muellers back, finally a major indictment
So will Paul Manafort, be convicted in court, causing much Democratic excitement?

And Trump still wants a wall on our southern border
And issued a travel ban by his executive order
Also no transexuals in the US armed forces
And spent way to many weekends on all his golf courses.

Corker and Flake, have the nerve it would take, to stand up to the Republican Team
Not to mention McCain, who drives Trump insane, and that makes his damn tweeting so mean.

Now Puerto Rico still plagued by freakin disasters,
So said by fake news and all their broadcasters.
Trump now more worried by George Papadopoulos,
So says ABC NEWS with George Stefenopolous.

An ambush in Niger 4 men took a fall.
Once again a big screw up Trump made no phone call.
Initially couldn’t even mention the soldier by name
But some how I’m sure he’ll find Hilary to blame.

And now they’re working on changing our tax code.
But it’ll raise the deficit they say a boatload
They say our taxes will undergo a reduction
But for most of us it’s just a cynical seduction.

A national emergency is the opioid crisis
A horrible terrorist as bad as damned Isis
But of course misdirection is Trumps political key
Let’s switch to football and taking a knee.

And Sarah Huckabee Sanders certainly does amuse
Straight faced on her podium screaming fake news.
A grand propagandist with a story to tell
I’m sure the Brooklyn Bridge she could certainly sell.

So the Walking Dead is finally here
2 new iPhones released this year.
The Russians used Facebook to influence the election!
While the stock market goes up in the right direction.

Now a terror attack on our own home turf.
Making this a political issue couldn’t be any worse !!
This couldn’t be a more disgusting assault,
And PS it certainly isn’t Chuck Schumer’s fault.

Now in Texas another shooting so dire
It’s tough to wade through this muck and mire
Trump went to the Far East to try some negotiating
Maybe it’s time for broad gun control legislating.

Thus it’s time to step back and put down your drill.
The worlds a crazy place but let’s take a chill.
I hope you all enjoyed my yearly festive rhyme
A lot of huge (so huge) fun for holiday time.

Wishing you the best for the holiday seasons
We value our referral family all for good reasons.
May 2018 be a better year ahead
We’ll see you in the spring for our New Year holiday spread.

Hope you all enjoyed!