Averdici 2014

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As 2014 rolls to its finish
And memories of its events do start to diminish
Thus a recap is necessary, it's time to review
Looking back its amazing that we all made it through.

There was the scandal of lane closures at the George Washington bridge
Which damaged Chris Christie's reputation quite more then a smidge.
But what was really bouncing around in our cerebral cortex
Was how freakin cold it became in that damn polar vortex.

The weather got worse it seemed to snow every day
The meaning of "mindfulness"on our minds it did weigh!
A book that slammed Obama by defense secretary Gates
And the Internet of things promised a future we all await!

The Sochi Olympics Putin stood so bold,
The U.S. Did its part to win plenty of gold.
But again the threat of terrorism did come to a boil
The black widow bomber, the Olympics they did not spoil.

Now Target got hacked, massive snowstorms came back, would this damn winter ever bend?
Governor McDonnell was corrupt, violence in the Ukraine did erupt, will high frequency stock trading ever end?

Now Palin and Obama again went at it hard
She accused the president of "playing the race card"
It's comments like these that really are detested
And here's a good one, Justin Beiber got arrested.

Snowden in Russia, there still resides,
ISIS or ISIL, so confusing, you decide!
The whole terror thing might be very confusing
But Cutting your head off ain't so amusing.

Rodman to Korea once again he went.
Duck Dynasty's gay remark got people quite bent.
And while the IRS lost sensitive email,
Our quest for the World Cup ultimately did fail!

Shootings in schools and a mall car jacking,
Apples iCloud was subject to hacking!
The whole thing seems so freaking unfair
And of course who would fly on Malaysian Air.

The search still continues and the theories abound
Will we find a clue will the jet ever be found.
Where it went down, no one has a hunch
And apparently Ray Rice packs a good knockout punch.

The secret service had screwed up real bad
Joan Rivers died, now that's very sad
2 iPhones debuted now even thinner
In the World Cup this year Germany was the winner.

Ebola is here, causing some major fear, thats something there is no denying.
CDC too slow to act, science fiction becomes fact, and to Africa we better stop flying.

And Barry turned 70 it was quite the event
We all wonder where all those years went?
He still does a mean root canal and a great post and core,
And Israel and Hamas did go to war!

Israelis were kidnapped and Gaza under fire
In Furgeson Missouri the violence was dire.
Pistorius of first degree murder the jury ultimately clears,
But the judge finally sentenced him to do a full five years.

The Shootings in Canada were a terror attack
Donald Sterling I'm sure wants to take it all back
Adrian Peterson accused of abusing his child
Nude celebrity selfies, wow ain't that wild?

On Syria we did fire, David letterman will retire, and Colbert takes over his show
Forest fires out west, Robin Williams laid to rest, For independence Scotland voted NO!

On a Hawaiian Island lava's running down
American Horror Story has one nasty clown!
Ebola's mandatory quarantine did start to unravel
Interstellar debuted about intergalactic travel.

Virgin galactic lost spaceship two
The NYC Marathon was run by more then a few
The Giants won the series by winning game seven.
And designer Oscar de la Renta now designs in heaven.

A launch and explosion of an unmanned rocket
The market is up more money in our pocket!
It will be soon time to start my 2015 list
Hopefully next year will have a more positive gist!

But as 2014 in our rear view mirror shrinks
And most of the news really really stinks
We'll try for a minute to put away our fears
And turn our thoughts celebration and holiday cheers.

So forget about collections and insurance company billing
As well as crown preps and what cavity needs filling.
A special thanks to our referral family each one and all
Remember for your convenience we're always on call.

And with that being said just a quickie reminder
When after New Years we're all back to the grinder.
Keep on the look out, we'll send your invitation
To our Feburary party to join our celebration.