Beyond Rotation and Reciprocation: Oscillating Endodontics for Safer, Faster and

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Learn rules of endodontics that

1. virtually eliminate instrument separation
2. cleanse the canals effectively without overly weakening the roots
3. duplicate the original often highly oval pulpal anatomy in larger form
4. allow you to use the instruments multiple times with great savings in cost
5. speed up the instrumentation and obturation process.


You will not only perform endodontics more safely, efficiently and effectively, but these improvements are simplifying techniques while amplifying results.

Many of you may have taken other endodontic courses and I suspect that the techniques you learned also involved incorporating techniques that sacrificed dentin to make the instruments less vulnerable to breakage. We strive for something far better; the preservation of tooth structure combined with thorough debridement and obturation of the canals in three dimensions. It goes against common sense to remove dentin so the instruments are safer. The goal is the long term success of the tooth. Weakening the roots because of the stress and degree of instrumentation is counterproductive. Our course is designed to eliminate this paradox.

Course format:

This course provides 2 hours of invaluable information on techniques that you can employ immediately with far greater safety and expenses far less than you would encounter in rotary systems.