Bye Bye 2015

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A welcome back to all our friends,
To my holiday poem that never ends.
A year of news, some good some rough,
Rhyming it all could be a little tough.

So where do I start, the topics are many,
Last December seems as good a place as any.

There were torture allegations and a Taliban killing,
An Orion rocket launch that was really kind of thrilling.

Big protests in New York, police found not culpable.
Bill Cosby accused of drugging women, not acting like a Huxtable!

Sony did get hacked and the Interview movie got shelved.
North Korea was to blame? A question into which we delved.

Joe Cocker passed away and an Air Asia jet did crash,
And Boston got some snow, all records it did smash.

Bruce Jenner now a woman and Katlyn is her name.
New York got some cold weather, the temperature was insane.

Brian Williams news reports found exaggerated and overrated,
And Tom Brady threw a football that was a little bit deflated.

Two and a Half Men did end its run and Mr Spock did pass.
Charlie Sheen has HIV, a shocker you bet your ass.

Now California's dry, over Pluto we did fly and Donald Trump take the political lead.
There's Star Wars episode 7, Cecil the lion now in heaven, and Rocky's back in the movie Creed.

An Apple Watch, an iPad pro, and a new iPhone called 6s.
Hillary caught using her private email, quite a freakin mess.

A German airliner crashed by the pilot, Amanda Knox again acquitted.
The Presidential candidates, one by one, their intentions they submitted.

There's Bush, Carson, Cruz, and Christie just to mention a couple,
And the outlandish comments that Trump does make can really make you chuckle.

There's quite a few more on the republican side, like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham,
And Larry David's impression of Sanders is really quite insane.

And Biden isn't running, in Paris ISIS was gunning,
They threaten everyones way of life.
Now Russia's joined the fight, since they downed the Aeroflot flight,
And Jennifer Anniston was now Justin Theroux's wife.

Iran struck a nuclear deal,
The thought of a terror attack is something we all feel.
The stock market had a computer glitch,
A big earthquake in Nepal; ain't that a bitch!

El Chapo escaped from his prison cell,
Drones fly too close to airliners, that's not swell.
Shootings in streets, schools, theaters and trains,
Maybe our gun laws are clearly quite insane.

South Carolina and Texas the rains did flood,
The blizzard of 2015 was really a dud.
To Greece went many a Syrian refugee,
From Isis terror they all still try to flee.

And Trump said no hero was John McCain,
Another statement that was pretty insane.
Ben Carson way too quiet and seems to be a bit of a mystery,
As things come up a little different regarding his actual history.

Pistorias now gets a murder conviction,
Global warming could lead to mass extinction.
Make sure patients sign informed consent,
'Cause a malpractice claim can get you really quite bent.

Mass shootings on the rise, this certainly isn't good,
One at Social services, one at planned parenthood.
But remember this: it's not only the guns that actually kill,
It's also the politicians who don't pass better gun control bills.

During the year even our email got hacked,
In the Philippines I was “supposedly” trapped.
$2250.00 was the amount to wire,
Dealing with this crap makes you want to retire.

So as another year does draw to an end,
I hope my poem does not offend.
So forget about MB2’s and SafeSider instrumentation,
We just want to wish you a happy, healthy holiday celebration!