Chronic Malocclusion: How to diagnose and treat with arch reformulation therapy

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Summary: Chronic malocclusion with or without prior orthodontics is prevalent and responsible for an array of dental consequences.

Addressing the primary dental issue, chronic malocclusion, with periodontally purposed aligners faithfully following the arch reformulation protocol will yield a longer lasting and far more stable result than presently available dental therapies.

This non-invasive disruptive technological innovation is powerful enough to obviate the need for some periodontal, elective orthognathic, implant and pre-implant surgeries. A "dentally gentle" process, it will elevate your practice and help you to positively and pragmatically impact your patients' lives.

Educational Objectives:

1) Chronic malocclusion: definition, how to diagnose, how to treat

2) New definition of comprehensive orthodontics: patient impact

3) Which conditions are indications for arch reformulation yet contraindications for orthodontic and/or periodontal therapy?

Biography: Dr. Elliot Davis is a general practitioner and inventor who maintains a general dentistry practice and a referral practice limited to arch reformulation therapy in Manhattan as well as a practice in the Bronx limited to arch reformulation therapy.

CE Credits: 2 hours of ADA CERP will be issued.

Presenter Disclosure: Elliot Davis, DDS does not possess any conflicts of interest.

Additional Information:

A casual dinner with beverages will be furnished.