Holiday Poem: This Was the Year That Was!

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As the Holidays approach, you know what that means!
Time for my holiday poem. Please enjoy with a sense of humor!

This Was the Year That Was!

By Doug Kase
When I left off last year we were in primary hell. 
Seventeen Republican candidates does that ring a bell?
There were debates and insults that were said with intention. 
But it came down to the vote at the GOP convention. 

Gone Bush, Gone Cruz, Even Rubio got the bump. 
The delegates voted and up popped Donald Trump!
He was the guy who thought Washington was absurd,
While  Mrs Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama's words!

Now Hillary was the democratic choice.
Although Bernie was out he still has a voice.
And Trump talked big about his Mexican wall.
Who's to pay? Why not give Putin a call?

In the meantime North Korea did a nuclear test!
As Isis still plans and terrorizes the west.
A shooting spree in Paris for which they were to blame.
Trucks driving into crowds in Nice, all quite insane!

A polar vortex and lots of January snow.
And the rise of the Zika virus which really does blow.
There were bombs in New York and an Orlando club shooting!
But oil prices dropped which left us cheering and hooting!

The market was volatile its' had it up and had its' downs.
People chased by assholes dressed as Crazy Clowns.
Prince and Bowie are  with us no more.
And Arnold Palmer from heaven yells "fore"!

So the debates came along, Clinton and Trump trading a jab. 
But we all found out there's something else Donald would rather grab. 
Eleven women with some similar allegations.
Don't you just love Alec Baldwins Trump impersonation?

In New York City another crane did fall.
The Mexican president ain't paying for no wall.
Everyone seems to be getting hacked!
30,000 emails disappeared, that's kind of whacked. 

The Republican Party not unified and a shamble.
Trumps loosing ground for an excuse he did scramble. 
To admit he's failing would be an admission way too big.
Remember it's the medias fault and the election was a rig!

No taxes he paid, many insults he made, and the Cubs won the World Series
Star Wars was rebooted, would the election be disputed, and Hillary's poor health were only false theories. 

Italy had some major earthquake vibrations!
And the US and Cuba restored their political relations. 
Donald has a secret plan for getting rid of Isis.
Hillary's FBI investigation was quite a political crisis! 

Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize.
New emails released to Hilary's surprise!
Anthony Weiner was back in the news,
For Sexting a kid which can be child abuse. 

A train crashed into a New Jersey station.
A plane caught fire with no explanation!
Trump made it to Washington to open his hotel.
Lead contamination in Flint Michigan wasn't so swell. 

Two characters killed on the Walking Dead!
Glen and Abraham kind of lost their head!
Neegan and his group are really very vile!
Bad hombres and a nasty woman were Trumps debate style. 

Apple released a new watch and a phone. 
Amazon wants to deliver using a drone. 
Just when you thought things were quite dire. 
Samsung's new phone was bursting on fire!

Billy Bush got fired for doing his job!
Donald Trumps view on women makes him a slob. 
Still there are those who thinks he's da freakin man. 
Cause with his fingers he's signaled that he got a plan. 

He said Babies are  "ripped" from their mothers womb. 
Make America great again is all doom and gloom!
Hillary had pneumonia stumbled and fell. 
This election was an elevator ride to hell. 

At the Rio Olympics, the US had led. 
Then Lochte did lie about a gun to his head!
To the states  he returned to dance with the stars 
And now what's in vogue are self driving cars.  

The FBI had their own October surprise!
But it may turn out to be Comey's demise. 
Then in November he admits there were no new facts
And New Jersey gets a new gasoline tax. 

The election finally done, up came the sun and Donald now president elect. 
The Electoral Collage is a bust, left Hilary in the dust, will we all be able to connect?

So the year almost over and on to a new day
I feel like I could keep rambling like Kelly Ann Conway. 
Happy holidays to all, some days off, I can't wait. 
Don't worry 2017 is around the corner and It's going to be great.