Investment: Dental Health!

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THE STOCK MARKET is today a place of uncertainty. Investing in the stock market for security for one’s future is not as sound an investment as it once was. So, what should our patients invest in for a good return? Teeth and oral health!

Good oral health is a sound investment, for the cost of dental treatment only goes up. The cost of a crown is more today than it was last year. Therefore, a crown went up in value. The crown that your patient has will probably last for more than ten years if not twenty years or thirty years; thus its replacement value will increase. Therefore, the original crown’s worth will have increased to its replacement value. A patient who waited to have the restorative treatment would have had to spend more money to have the crown fabricated. If the patient had bought stocks, the stock’s worth might have increased in value and replacement value—but it might have declined in value and replacement value. Thus, the investment in dental restorations should be viewed as the wiser investment, for its replacement value will have increased while the stock’s value is uncertain, fluctuating and possibly decreasing.

Not only are dental restorations a prudent investment monetarily, but they also are an investment in oneself by maintaining one’s oral health. Patients often overlook the importance of dentition and its supporting structure. It’s our insistence that good oral health is important not only for our patients’ dentition but also for our patients’ general health and well-being. A good smile is important for communication and social networking.

Investing in one’s self includes good nutrition. Good nutrition and eating habits are not only essential for our patients’ oral health but also good for their general well-being. More so, low anitoxidant levels have been associated with periodontal disease, poor cardiac functioning, and other ills. Encouraging our patients to invest in themselves in order to prevent disease will save them money and keep them functioning at a high level.

Therefore, investing in health is always a good investment for our patients. Investing in oral health is an investment that brings both short-term and long-term positive results.

October - December 2011

An investment in health is always a good investment.