Lower Molar With Severely Curved Mesial Root Canal System

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Instrumenting a curved root canal system often becomes challenging. Here are few tips to help with predictable and effective instrumentation of a curved root canal:

  • Straight line access to root canals
  • Hand instrumentation at least up to size 20
  • Copious irrigation after each instrument introduced into root canal
  • Use of RC-Prep on hand files and rotary files
  • Recapitulation throughout instrumentation

Figure 1 shows preoperative radiograph for tooth #30 with severely curved mesial root canal system. Treatment was uneventful and figure 2 shows the same tooth after completion of root canal treatment. I negotiate mesial canals using size 8 reamers and gradually enlarge them to a size 20 before using my rotary instruments to complete shaping the canals.

Figure 1
Figure 2