Mandibular Third Mesial Canal, a Case Report

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ACCORDING TO the literature, the incidence of a third mesial canal is four to twelve percent. Left untreated, mid-mesial canals could cause failure of root canal therapy.

Knowledge of the anatomy of the root canal system, use of CBCT scans, and use of a surgical operating microscope will help in treatment of a mid-mesial canal. The following case shows an example of a mandibular third mesial canal. The patient presented to our office with the chief complaint of pain on the lower right mandible. The preoperative radiograph (Figure 1) shows gross caries which are extending into the pulp and periapical radiolucency. The initial diagnosis was symptomatic irrieversible pulpitis and symptomatic apical periodontitis. A mid-mesial canal was located using a surgical operat- ing microscope. Single-visit root canal treatment was completed on #31, and the access hole was sealed using a cotton pellet and Fuji IX glass ionomer.

The prognosis is favorable, and we will follow up on the case in six months.

October - December 2013

Figure 1