MetLife Adopts Orphan Dentist!

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YES, MetLife has adopted me into its family. According to MetLife agents Dorian Dyckman and Jassen Velez, the company has recently implemented a policy that compels MetLife agents to call policyholders who do not have an agent assigned to them in order to have all policies attached to an agent. At first, I was wary of having an agent call me to set up a meeting to discuss my policy. But, after I met them, I was thankful that they had.

Until now, I had always felt like a number to MetLife and not human. I have two disability policies with MetLife; however, I didn’t understand their benefit package. Instead, I am convinced that I will stay healthy and mentally fit until at least 100 years old. In addition, I am committed to looking eternally young in order to be able to shroud any sign of aging. Therefore, I didn’t bother reviewing the policies each year. I only paid the bills. When Dorian and Jassen trekked to New York from the North Shore of Long Island, their commitment to review my disability policies so that I would benefit and understand them was pleasantly surprising. Moreover, they listened and attended to my individual concerns about what I need from the policies. No longer did I feel like a number in corporate America; instead, MetLife’s agents transformed the corporate giant into a personable financial service group.

Not only did Dorian and Jassen review my disability policy but they also were able to service my more pressing need of maximizing my benefits from my 401k plan. My retirement plan, unfortunately, seemed to be losing money each year. However, at a cursory glance, it showed yearly gains from the contributions I made. Moreover, with other companies, their brokers didn’t take the time to routinely check my account for its profitability or call me for stock suggestions. Typically, I had to call them to suggest what investments I wanted. Rarely did a financial advisor call me to sit down and review my portfolio, discussing long-term and short-term gains. Worse, if I asked the financial advisor to watch a stock, he or she would generally talk me out of it to avoid wasting time watching it for me because I was a “small individual” investor instead of a “Wall Street Deal Maker.” When Dorian and Jassen sat with me, they did not look at their watches, and they patiently answered my questions about trading and investing. Finally, I have financial advisors who work as a team for my benefit advising me of what is needed to be a conservative, competitive investor in order to preserve my individual assets. I’m glad that MetLife instituted a new policy of insisting that all policies have agents assigned to them. Now, I am no longer an insurance and financial orphan. Being part of the MetLife family, I look forward to their financial advice and financial products that are offered to the MetLife family. It’s nice to know that after all these years of paying for policies corporate MetLife is starting to care about the person paying the bills.

October - December 2012

Until now, I had always felt like a number.