Non-Surgical Periodontal Cleanings With Use of Natural Botanicals.


Highlights expansion for the Hygiene Department.

The Tooth Spa program is a soft approach to cleanings, resulting in greater re-call system, and expansion of new patient referrals.

It is common to have inflammation and pockets during a routine cleaning. Botanicals assist in healing, reducing pockets with minimal pain. Patients love the treatment and ask to return.

Demonstration by Sandra Senzon RDH who is a published author of Reversing Gum Disease Naturally; A Holistic Health Program" at meet up.

Sign up at the meet up and a free clinical demonstration, one on one, with your hygienist will be given at your office.

119 West 57th Street
suite 700
New York, NY
Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
6:00 PM