Positioning as Number One

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Each patient had a first dentist, a first endodontist, a first oral surgeon, a first periodontist, and possibly a first orthodontist, yet people often fail to recognize how important they can be to a patient. In our line of work, being the first in a person's memory/mind is an important position to hold. The personal bond it creates between the patient and doctor can be an effective marketing tool. Positioning, I believe, has a great value for dentists.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, positioning is the ability to have a position or a place in the mind of another person. In order to achieve this, a dentist has to take into consideration his/ her strengths and weaknesses (not only for the sake of positioning, but also to serve the needs of the patients and future patients). Patients' primary concerns may seem to be about price, place, product, and service, but an emotional connection is the communication that creates the doctor-patient bond. The easiest way to create this kind of loyalty is to be that patient’s first.

“You are my first,” is a phrase that a person proves that you are in his mind. Being the first dentist to a patient is special, but there are other ways to create a lasting bond if this is not an option. Being the first may also mean being the first dentist to provide a unique service, such as tooth extraction, placing a veneer, placing a crown, or providing root canal therapy.

As long as the patient has you in their mind as being first, it doesn't matter how big or small in numbers your competition is. If you are their number one man/woman, that is all that matters. It doesn't matter if you are one out of ten or one out of a hundred. It doesn't matter what a friend of theirs may say to try to convince them to go to someone else because you have that number one bond with them. This kind of relationship is an important marketing tool, and should be cherished.

“You are my first,” is a phrase that a person proves that you are in their mind.