Study Club #1: The Impact of Pulpal Anatomy on How We Shape the Canals

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Having written for years on the subject of endodontics and seeing the plethora of new products introduced into the marketplace, I strongly believe we need an endodontic study group that objectively determines the utility of these innovations, separating the wheat from the chaff, based on the impact it ultimately has on the integrity of the tooth being treated.

In that regards, we are initiating Practical Endodontic Insights Plus with regard to looking at endodontics from a variety of different vantage points with the aim of emphasizing the safest, efficient, and most cost-effective ways of performing these tasks. The Plus is there to include topics outside of endodontics that are strongly in demand from top-notch lecturers who can improve our insights and skills.

These events will be held in our endodontic office at 119 West 57th Street in NYC from 6 PM to 9 PM on the third Tuesday of every other month starting in January. The facility can comfortably accommodate 20 registrants and will be limited to that number. In the event of oversubscription we will notify those registered beyond those numbers of an additional meeting that will be rapidly made to accommodate them.

The tuition for the course is $75 per session and will include 2 CE credits, a really tasty buffet that all will enjoy, a CE credit article that the dentists can take online for an additional credit and the right to come to our office for a free one-on-one workshop that awards an additional 2 CE credits. That is a total of 5 credits one can take advantage of and a rewarding educational experience where we can all interact with other motivated colleagues.