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As 2018 draws to a close,
There’s one thing to look forward to everyone knows!
The year went so quickly as to blur the time line,
It’s that moment again for my holiday rhyme.

It’s hard to believe in only 365 days,
So much has happened it truly does amaze!
Looking back at what transpired it really is a blur,
With what comes out of Washington the truth it does obscure.

Kim Jong-un is now a nice guy
And Trump and Putin, BFF’S, ain’t no lie!
Canada and France are now our economic foe
And a tariff war with China, man does that really blow!

North Korea is supposedly dumping all their nukes.
Trump and Putin’s embrace could make you want to puke.
The midterm elections decided in the voting booth,
And Rudy Giuliani says, “the truth is not the truth.”

In Hawaii there was a false missile scare.
Arpaio for senate what a freakin nightmare!
In Vermont, pot now legal for recreational use.
And Larry Nassir accused of sexual abuse!

North and South Korea to meet in a summit.
The market was up looking never to plummet.
A terrible mass shooting at a Florida high school.
It’s the 2nd amendment we need to retool!

Trump requested a military parade.
While Puerto Rico still suffers with too little aid.
The Eagles take the win in the ole Super Bowl
And the international space station developed a hole.

North Korea vows to stop nuclear tests,
While Trump took credit and did beat his chest.
A southwest flight, a woman almost sucked out
And a shooting at Google, what’s that all about?

The US pulls out of the Iran Nuclear deal
Harry and Meghan’s marriage is now really real
In Paris there was a terrorist who use a knife to attack!
While North Korea gave three of our prisoners back.

Paul Manafort finally sent to jail.
Trumps boarder wall funding on track to fail.
Kavanaugh’s nomination raised liberal fears,
Uncovering his alleged abuse of women and love of dinking beers!

Immigrant families inhumanly separated!
Trumps constant tweeting about everyone he hated.
Stormy Daniels did release her new book,
And Michael Cohen is now really on the hook.

A caravan of immigrants is marching to the border
Trumps mid term fear mongering is so out of order.
To say it’s the truth is quite the insult,
But what do you expect from the leader of a cult!

California wild fires continue to burn!
Their devastation is making our stomachs really churn!
But climate change Trump still denies,
Cause it’s easier to blame fake news and lies.

Jim Acosta’s credentials were unfairly suspended!
From the White House podium the truth is always bended.
Jeff Sessions was pushed out and did finally resign
While Whitaker takes over by Trumps calculating design!

Will Mueller soon be fired that the question we all ask.
He must always be protected, it’s the real bipartisan task!
The new Attorney General his appointment is abuse
From the Russia investigation he must definitely recuse!

Donald Trump Jr. could be high on Mueller’s list
The midterm election results really got Trump pissed!
The Dems took the House in somewhat of a wave,
With the power of subpoena, our country they might save!

Now gun violence is at an all-time high!
The end result could make you cry!
Too many guns in the hands of too many nuts
It’s time to outlaw assault rifles , no ands, ifs or buts!

Hurricane Florence hit the east coast
Putin gets a 4th term of this he can boast.
Barbara Bush and John McCaine to heaven they did fly
Spider-Man and Captain America, to Stan Lee waved good bye!

Yanny vs. Laurel was quite the internet rage.
Bitcoin value tanked investors thought they had it made.
Space X Falcon Heavy made its launch up to the stars
And Tesla’s sporty Roadster was on its way to Mars.

Natural disasters seem now a way of life
Earthquakes and volcanos are causing too much strife.
What the heck is going on, no one seems to know!
And what the hell is with this November New York snow!!

Bill Cosby now thrown in jail
And Monica Lewinsky tells her Clinton tale!
A Washington Post reporter was brutally assonated
And Melania Trump had a Cabinet member terminated.

Florida’s election had another recounting
And the crazy presidential tweets just keep mounting!!
Paradise is now Pleasure and Shiff became “Shitt”,
It’s amazing how the country is being run by a dimwit!

But enough of politics and all its division,
What we really need is a bipartisan revision.
So let’s forget about our differences and Trump induced strife,
Forget about world events and even our dental life.

What’s most important it’s to ring in the new year
With great, really great, wishes and holiday cheer.
To raise a toast to some actual holiday fun,
Thank the Gods that my poem is really all done!

Barry, Doug, Amy, Sara, Manisha, and Howard.