Our Mission

Our goals is to provide continuing education to the dental community. Our goal is to present current trends in Endodontics and other related dental fields to other dental providers. Also, our goal is to incorporate the importance of current advances and new trends in general dentistry with Endodontics. Our goal is to provide quality continuing dental education to the dental community meeting their relevant needs

Our present goal is to provide continuing education as the following.

  1. Our organization offers on-line self-instructional and print based courses delivered on-line
  2. Our organization will host lectures for intended audiences of 20-100 providing the dental community with educational information from a wide variety of fields of dentistry.
  3. Our present goal includes presenting to our dental community changes in trends and techniques along with new knowledge
  4. Our organization will encourage speakers from many fields to present their knowledge
Please contact us with any questions you may have about our practice.